Sunday, March 18, 2012

Time Warp

So time just keeps moving and somehow speeding up. So many things happen I can barely keep up. Last year we had two adoptions, two hospitalizations, we had a baptism, and priesthood ordination and then a long awaited trip to Hawaii. Then summer passed quickly. The kids have been working hard at school. Caleb started Jr. high and now the year is almost over.
I was talking to dad this weekend and he reminded me that I really need to write some things down.
Jessica is still a handful, but is getting a little better. She gave me the best christmas present ever, she potty trained her self. I had to work with her for about two weeks, but she did it. She loves to sing.... esp at church. most of the time it is loud and off key, but she works hard at it. At home and in the car she sings about everything. She sings about being sick and getting spankins and she really likes twinkle twinkle. She lately has been folding her little arms when she gets her feelings hurt. She tells me all about it. She tells me how spankings hurt her feeling. When I ask where her feeling are she says "in my bottom". She loves to color and to cut.
Annie is still quite drama. She is very smart and loves to count and do her abc's . She loves church and esp. primary. She is so tall and just keeps growing.
Joseph loves school and is really trying hard. He is learning to read and is getting extra help with reading and math now so he can catch up. He is such a sweet boy.
Trever is so funny. One of latest conversations was about smoking. Some how he learned that his birth mom smoked while he was in her tummy. He was truely offended due to the fact that she could have killed him. Well, a few nights later I did something he really appreciated and he was telling me what a great mom I was. In fact, I am the best mom ever. Well except for his birth mom, but I am a little higher than her cuz she smoked and could have killed him. I feel really good about my awesomeness.
Caleb is really changing into a young man. He loves band and guitar. He has been struggling with with his core classes, but hopefully he will learn how to balance his priorities and budget his time.
We have been put back into the first ward. That change has been a little hard on all. I am now relief society secretary and Jason is a teacher in the elders.
There is so much more but I am exhausted Jessica gets up so early, it is nighty night for now.

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